Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Farm

I wonder often about the house where I lived the first years of my life.  Who built it?  When did they build it?  Has it had additions over the years.  I asked Mom, but she didn't arrive at the farm until the mid 1950's.  If I would have only spoke with Grandpa Arnold or Dad more about the house. 
I can remember quite a bit of the home, where the bedrooms were, the telephone, the garden, the orchard, the clothesline.  But I will probably never know the story of that home. 
I was so excited to find this little bit of detail that Mom wrote for the Arnold entry in the publication of the History of Ford County, Illinois, 1984.  I asked Mom for more details, but she really can't recall writing the column. 

So the "small" home was located somewhere else on the property.  The home was moved to where we all recall it being located and additions were made through the years.  Mom and I kind of figured that, as the downstairs bedroom had a door that led to the backyard which made no sense.  No patio, just a few steps there.  Possibly that room was the main house. The addition of a large kitchen, utility room, bathroom and a second story of bedrooms would make sense for Johnson and Beckie's large family.
Jerry Shambrook (a cousin from the Robbins side of the family)related to Mom that he remembers the basement being poured under the home.  Mom and I have contemplated on possibly the front porch was added at that time also, because the stairs to the basement were located in this area.
I wonder where the home was first located.  The family oral history says the home of Beckie's parents, Carl and Tina, was once a cob shed.  That home (cob shed) was located at the end of the lane.  This being the lane north of the present home.  Maybe the shed and the home were both located at the end of the north lane. Would all of the buildings have been in the same spot at one time?
When were the barns built, the welding shop or what Mom calls the "grainery" added to the homestead? 

A lot of questions that may never be answered.     

Note:  previous land owners and old plats for an original home location.  Have Mom draw a picture inside and out of the home.  Anyone else have photos of "the farm" house?

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