Saturday, March 9, 2013

Knives and Firsts

There was something of a battle royal Tuesday when Tom Tarvin and M. Dickey came together in Townsend's store. There has been bad blood between these men for some time, and when they accidentally met it only required a few words to set them going. It is said that Dickey used some kind of knife, while Tarvin employed nature's weapons. In the fracas the latter received a nasty cut on one arm, but it did not prevent him from using his fists to good advantage, the evidence of which was manifested on Dickey's facial features. Had not the two been separated, it seems quite probable that the bout would have been followed by a funeral instead of a lawsuit, as Tarvin was giving it to Dickey pretty hard. In the trial that followed Dickey was bound over to the grand jury.
The public was acquainted more or less with the prelimary troubles that led up to the fight. How Tarvin and his wife separated some time ago, and how since that time Dickey and Mrs. Tarvin have been paying each other special attention, are all matters of public talk, and do not need to be repeated here. Its a nasty mess and there is no need of wasting very much sympathy on any one connected with the affair. Dickey came here two or three years ago claiming to be an evangelist, but there has been nothing in the general demeanor to indicate that he was very devoted to the cause of religion.

--Thawville Weekly Record.  14 September 1917.

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