Saturday, March 31, 2018

Hand Stitching in New York

This piece of stitched material is in the photo album the Kendrick family so generously shared with me.  The note says, "G'ma Arnold made this before she left New York."  This G'ma would be Lora (Johnson) Arnold.  In the top photo a date has been written on the material, 186?; the fold hides the last digit.  Although the detail in the photo appears large, the piece actually is maybe 1 1/2 inch wide.  Tiny, precise stitching. 

Sunday, March 25, 2018

"Pearle" McNeil

Born in Wessington, South Dakota, on July 24, 1887, Lula "Pearle" McNeil is the oldest child of Eli T. and Harriet M. (Arnold) McNeil.  Pearle's mother Harriet "Hattie"(Arnold) McNeil is the oldest child of Amos and Lora (Johnson) Arnold.  
Pearle graduated from Roberts High School in the class of 1904.  (Peale is in the center, just to the right of the principal.) She continued her education at the Illinois State University in Normal, Illinois.  For several years she was a very successful teacher in the public schools. 

--"Let's Talk About Roberts.  Larry Knilands and Jean Fox.  

Pearle married Chester Dillon August 11, 1915.  The marriage took place on the lawn of the rural Melvin home of the McNeil family with about 60 guests in attendance. 

--Melvin Motor.  13 August 1915.

Chester's career  eventually landed the couple in Birmingham, Alabama, where Chester was working for the Birmingham State University.  
In the winter of 1920 Pearle's parents and her sister Ellen went to Birmingham to visit.  While there, Pearle was taken ill with influenza and passed away February 12, 1920, at the age of 32.  She was expecting their first child at the time of her death.
She is buried at Lyman Township Cemetery in Roberts, Illinois, near her parents. 

--Roberts Herald.  18 February 1920.

Pearle is easy to identify in family photos, always wearing her dark hair in a high bun.

McNeil Farm

Section 8, Wall Township, Ford County, Illinois. 
On the 1884 plat of Wall Township this section is owned by C. Anderson, probably Christopher Anderson of Roberts.  The 1901 map shows Amos Arnold as the section owner.  There appears to be a small square between the H and the A in the word "Hattie" on Section 8 which would indicate a residence.  The home location does not appear on the 1981 Ford County, Illinois Rural Resident Directory.

--Historical Atlas of Ford County Illinois.  1884.

--Ford County, Illinois.  Rural Resident Directory.  1981.

RESEARCH:  Photograph this property.  Are there any buildings here?  Find a photo of the home.  

Sunday, March 11, 2018

Abigail Heyworth

Abigail White Mary Heyworth
Born:  January 1879
Died:  1969
Married:  21 May 1903 to George Crocker Backus

Hiram Heyworth Backus
Louise Howard Backus
George Arnold Backus

Abigail is the daughter of Hiram & Mary "Pet" (White) Heyworth. 
Mary was the daughter of J. B. and Eunice "Abbie" (Arnold) White.
Eunice "Abbie" is a sister to Amos Arnold.

Five Generations

Five generations of Arnolds are buried at Lyman Township Cemetery in Roberts, Illinois.  The first burial being the six-month-old child of Johnson and Beckie (Zwig) Arnold in 1887.  The original Arnold plot was purchased by Amos Arnold the 19th of July in 1887 from the Lyman Township Cemetery Association, two days after the death of his grandchild.  Lot No. 253. 
And Amos Silas Arnold who died the 17th of July, 1887, was buried here.  He was the first child of Johnson and Beckie Arnold.

I think the above photo was taken at the time of the setting of the large Arnold Stone.  I am not sure of the date, but I imagine the stone was placed between 1887 and 1913, the year Amos Arnold died. The photo below I took about ten years ago. This Arnold plot is located near the center of the cemetery. I need to go back and take it again with more of an angle so the views match.

Friday, March 9, 2018

Sunday, March 4, 2018

Seward Arnold

--Kendrick Family Album.

Ted Kendrick

Ted's mother is Marguerite (Linn) Kendrick. Marguerite (Linn) Kendrick is the daughter of Frank and Seba (Arnold) Linn. Seba (Arnold) Linn is a daughter of Amos and Lora (Johnson) Arnold. 
The Kendrick family still live and farm near Roberts.

--The News-Gazette. 4 March 2018. Page B-4.

Saturday, February 24, 2018


Above photos:  Amos S. Arnold and his wife Lora Ann (Johnson) Arnold.

I am not sure who wrote the following article about the Arnold family's arrival to Illinois, but it is very informative.  It documents a lot of rumors I had heard over the years.  I believe it was written in 1984 for entry in the "History of Ford County" book published by the Ford County Historical Society due to the fact that a large portion is published in that book.  I found this copy in the Kendrick family albums.  I have added some visuals.   

Amos Stukely Arnold left his home in Morrisonville, a small town near Plattsburg, New York in 1866.

--Rand McNally.  1897

Traveling through the Lakes by boat and with a horse and cart aboard, he landed in Chicago at Michigan Avenue (near the present Navy Pier) and started driving southwest. 
Having heard about the Sibley Estate and their huge corn cribs, he wanted to see for himself the good farm land.  He worked for a year with a threshing gang while he looked the country over.  The next year he bought 160 acres of land (Section 9 in Ford County) for $12.00 an acre.

--Lyman Plat Map.  1884. 

(This would be what we in the area remember as the Stamm place.  It was about 3 miles north of Roberts past Bud Otto's farm.  Amos built his home here on this section in 1867.  This photo below was from the Kendrick family album.  Under the photo it states "North Arnold Farmhouse.  Built 1867.")

The next year (October 26, 1867), his wife, Lora Ann Johnson Arnold, and the three oldest children (Harriet, Johnson, and Elma), came to this sparsely settled region -

--Plattsburgh Republican.  5 October 1867.  Page 2.

 - the land being in its mostly primitive condition.  It was a great contrast for the family, who left a pleasant home in the East to live in this unsettled region and bear all the hardships and privations of frontier life.  Roberts was not laid out yet.

Not sure if this is the home they left in the East, but I believe Amos was raised in the home pictured above.  I also think this home is located on Mason Street very near Irish Settlement Road in Morrisonville, New York.  More research to needed.  This photo from the Kendrick family album.

With the growth and development of the county since that time, Mr. Arnold has ever borne his part in its upbuilding.  He was one of the extensive land owners of this community. 
Mr. and Mrs. Arnold had seven children:  Harriet, Johnson, Elma, Mary, Seba, Silas, and Seward who all walked two and a quarter miles to the Smith Grade School north of Roberts.  

Harriet married Eli McNeil, a farmer of Ford County. The had four children:  Pearle, Lora, Ellen, and Robert. 
The McNeil family photo below. Left to right: Eli, Lora, Bob, Ellen, Pearle, Harriet or "Hattie."  Eli and Harriet are buried at Lyman Township Cemetery, Roberts, Illinois.

Pearle married Chester Dillon.  She died of flu while carrying their first child. Photo below.  Pearle is buried at Lyman Township Cemetery, Roberts, Illinois.

Lora married A.V. Smith - lived in Ohio - had one child, Joan. Lora and Arthur Smith photo below.  Arthur and Lora are buried at Lyman Township Cemetery, Roberts, Illinois.

Ellen married Merton West and had twins Ellene and Merlene. (I believe  the twins are adopted.) She ran a musical kindergarten in Crete for many years.  Photo below Ellen (McNeil) West.
Bob married Geraldine Cutler, a teacher.  He was Ford County Superintendent of Highways for 30 years.  They had Susan and Margaret.  Bob and Geraldine photo below.  Bob and Geraldine are buried at Lyman Township Cemetery, Roberts, Illinois. 

. . . to be continued.

Irish Settlement Road