Friday, April 28, 2017

Great Grandfather Arnold Mystery

The back of the photo is written Great Grandfather Arnold 1843.  So who is this?  Father of Amos??
So the father of Amos is Stukley B. Arnold.  1801 to 1879. 
The grandfather of Amos is Joseph Stukeley Arnold.  1774 to 1852.
If the photo was taken in 1843, the father would be 42 in the photo, and if it is the grandfather of Amos he would be 69 in the photo.  So does this person look 42 or 69? 
So if it is Joseph Stukeley Arnold that would be Amos' grandfather and Seba, Seward, Hattie, Johnson, etc's great grandfather.  It might be  . . . Joseph Stukeley Arnold 1774-1852.  How will we ever find out?

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